Chiwan Park

A student interested in large-scale graph mining and scalable machine learning




My name is Chiwan Park. I'm a master's student majoring in Computer Science and Engineering at Seoul National University. I'm advised by U Kang. My research interests include large-scale graph processing and scalable machine learning. You can see my curriculum vitae and short biography from here.

I prefer to use Python, Java or Scala for my projects. Sometimes I use C/C++, Objective-C, Javascript, and PHP if need be.

I'm contributing to Apache Flink and trying to contribute other projects. I also have my projects whose source codes are open. You can see my open-source activities in Github or Open Hub Profile.

Contact and other profiles

You can contact me via email. If you want to contact privately, please encrypt your message using PGP. (Public Key: 13BE C5AB 2123 4E4A CFCF F1FC 9205 2D19 8F14 F96E)

This website

This website is written in CommonMark, compiled with small Python and shell scripts and hosted by Github Pages. You can find whole source code in my github repository. There are some articles written by me in this website (Korean).